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A brief description of the structure of Welded Pipe Making Machine

1. Loading rack: single-sided vertical loading rack (single side can carry 1.5 tons).
2, Welded Pipe Making Machine base: panel 25mm, edge board 10mm, height 560mm, width 1.0m, length 8.0m.
3. Horizontal bracket: The horizontal bracket adopts chrome-plated dial with closed sleeve type. The horizontal bracket height is 360mm, the width is 170mm, the thickness is 45mm, the horizontal shaft is made of 40Cr material, and the two-stage treatment of quenching and tempering and high-frequency quenching is carried out. The horizontal axis has a diameter of 40 mm and the keyway is 8 mm. The Harbin Zhengchang bearing is used, and the horizontal brackets are 13 sets, and the horizontal brackets are needle bearings.
4. Vertical roller seat: vertical roller seat width l00mm, length 320mm, vertical shaft diameter φ30mm, material 40Cr material. M27X2 for adjusting the screw and 8104 for the plain bearing, and the M24 thread for vertical adjustment of the vertical shaft.

Welded Pipe Making Machine
5, grinding head: grinding head 3 (two oblique always), grinding motor 3KW4 grade, grinding head shaft with 40Cr material quenching and tempering treatment. Grinding head screw with M27X4 square teeth, grinding head bearing four 6207 bearings, grinding head with double chrome guide column electric lifting type, grinding cover made of stainless steel plate. Thousand impeller aperture φ25.4. Welded Pipe Making Machine is used in the production of stainless steel tubes, which are produced by roll forming, welding seams at high temperatures, and inner walls of water mills. Since the cutting machine has a PLC intelligent control system, the cutting length and deburring can be set, and the secondary processing of the flat mouth is no longer required, thereby reducing the workload.