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HF Welded tube mill common failure solution and process flow

HF Welded tube mill
failure is relatively more, and the cause of failure is more complex, often a result from a variety of causes, or a cause can cause several results.Some troubleshooting is tricky.For example, the guide mechanism of Scratch, Scratch extrusion welder mechanism, through a long ride welding, slits, blisters, peach-shaped tube.

HF Welded tube mill is a kind of welding method that uses high-frequency current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece to heat up the resistance and, with the upsetting force applied, enables the interconnection between the workpiece metals.

HF Welded tube mill

HF Welded tube mill pipe production process depends on the product variety, from raw materials to finished products need to go through a series of processes, the completion of these processes requires the appropriate variety of mechanical equipment and welding, electrical control, detection devices, these devices and devices in accordance with different process requirements have a variety of reasonable layout.

HF Welded tube mill typical process: unwinding-strip flattening-head and tail cutting-strip butt welding-looping stock-forming-welding-Burr removal-sizing-flaw detection-flaw detection-initial inspection-steel pipe straightening-pipe processing-water pressure test-flaw detection-printing and coating-finished products.