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High-frequency pipe welded machinery for sale

High-frequency pipe welded machinery is the special equipment to product welded pipe of low carbon steel or low alloy steel material, that is feeding the steel belt into the machinery, turning into the tube by forming roller, then using high-frequency proximity effect and skin effect to make the tube reach the welding temperature, and completing the welding under the squeezing roller extrusion, then through cooling, sizing and straightening to get the required steel pipe.
The machine takes sands, stones and cement as raw materials to produce many kinds of reinforced concrete drainage pipe with the length of 1000-4000mm, internal diameter of 200-4000mm with the mouth shapes of flat, tongue and groove and socket and spigot. All mechanical indexes have meet the national standards. They have been used widely in deep well, municipal drainage, expressway and other water supply and sewerage works with higher level required. The production efficiency can reach 4-5 piece/hour.