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Hot Sale Straightening Machine Wholesale

Straightening Machine is the finishing equipment in the welded steel pipe production line, used to straighten the steel pipe, clearing the longitudinal bend of the pipe and the out of round of the lateral profile after welding.
Straighteners are specialized in straightening molded steel pipes and eliminating longitudinal bends to make sure no-roundness at horizontal facet exists.
After the material is corrected by the machine, it is smooth and smooth without indentation, and does not damage the surface of the material. Various metal plates are used.
This machine adopts Japanese electromagnetic contact cymbal and electronic parts, which has fewer faults and longer life.
This machine can be used alone, and can be used together with the automatic feeding frame such as MT type and MTD type, and the effect is good.
The roller is chrome-plated, very durable and has a very long life.