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How Air Condenser Pipe Production Line works

Air Condenser Pipe Production Line is a new type of equipment for the manufacture of tunnel support steel arch. It consists of six parts, such as base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and an auxiliary system. In operation, the required cold-formed steel by the door bracket auxiliary system push on between the two active rollers, start the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cylinder push dovetail and cold-formed steel cold-rolled steel, to be designed to achieve close the hydraulic system when the desired curvature, start the mechanical transmission system, so that the driving wheel is rotated and the end of the cold bend, close the mechanical transmission system and start the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder to recover. The cold-formed steel is placed on the door bracket to the auxiliary system. This cold-formed operation, to ensure the strength of the material, to improve the quality of the supporting steel arch, which greatly improves the efficiency, simple operation, and clear. Air Condenser Pipe Production Line has good working performance compared with the press bed.

Air Condenser Pipe Production Line design and manufacturing features:

Air Condenser Pipe Production Line

  1, the average force of each pass principle, the average force of the whole line of rollers, wear and tear balance, prolong the service life of the roll.
  2, Roll using C12MoV material is the use of its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory, to take advantage of c12mov red hardness during heat treatment, after quenching, two or even three tempering to achieve hardness.
  3, rail arc site is the core part of the slide, the first few road arc position after compression molding, when the pass rolling off the standing side, to deal with the arc has been formed by the upper and lower rolls or horizontal wheel, effective Bundle Protection, otherwise, the material in the drawing process will change the arc position, R becomes smaller
  4, rolling stability problems, production often encounters material in the raceway around the problem of yaw, in fact, a single set of rollers by the asymmetry, the left by the force, the material to the right yaw; the right by the force, the material to the left Yaw.
The solution to the knot is:
   a: (pictured) deformation zone neutral layer calculation is accurate, the deformation zone material calculation is accurate, good roller machining symmetry.
  B: no deformation zone as far as possible from the pressure (such as the bottom of the slide), the upper and lower rollers when assembling the regional gap consistently.   

c: material bite into the front, should be based on the state before rolling road, set the guide Bevel, before the stable pressure, the material in the roll slips smoothly.

Air Condenser Pipe Production Line

5, the production of the problem of bending and twisting, mainly by the force imbalance, about the force imbalance, bending around, up and down the force imbalance, distortion. Solution: design force balance, accurate processing, easy installation, and adjustment.   

6, roller machining accuracy is the key, for a special production of special tools in the projector, zoom 20 times for testing.

7, the main drive side, the use of roller cone bearings to ensure that the spindle radial runout in 0. 04MM inside and outside, to ensure that the spindle does not move around, ordinary ball bearing itself there is a gap in the precise transmission cannot avoid axial movement.