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How to arrange Pipe Mill to see here! !

Due to the mature welding pipe, the welding technology, and its excellent performance, Pipe Mill is widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, electric power, building structure and other industries. So how is Pipe Mill arranged? Let's take a look:

Pipe Mill typically consists of a number of driven horizontal roll stands and several non-driven vertical roll stands.

In general, the horizontal roller frame bears the main strip deformation, so the horizontal roller frame is also called the forming frame; the vertical roller frame is used for guiding while maintaining the shape that the strip has formed in the horizontal roller to prevent the deformation band. Steel rebound. In this case, the horizontal roller frame and the vertical roller frame are in a cross arrangement.

Pipe Mill

In order to further prevent the edge of the strip from scratching the forming roll, reducing the edge elongation and the possibility of creating a bulge, in the new forming hole type system, a plurality of vertical roll stands are centrally arranged in the middle of the forming machine, which is specially used for the middle of the strip. The deformation. In this case, the vertical roller set is not only for guiding, but also participates in the main deformation of the strip. In addition to the above advantages, this arrangement can reduce the number of forming frames, reduce the height of the frame, and stabilize the molding process as compared with the cross arrangement.