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Pipe Mill equipment processes and features

Pipe Mill equipment process: roll up → unwinding → straight head → leveling → ultrasonic steel plate flaw detection → shear butt welding → spiral looper → planing → forming → high-frequency welding → go inside and outside burrs → ultrasonic weld flaw detection → polishing → Medium frequency normalizing→air cooling→water cooling→corrected torsion→sizing and finishing→turbine head straightening→severance cut→sampling test→straightening→pipe end flat head→hydraulic pressure test→ultrasonic flaw detection→painting→jet marking→ Packaging and packaging → storage

On the basis of digesting foreign advanced molding technology, according to China's national conditions, it has developed a molding mode with independent intellectual property rights, which has realized the convenience of adjusting the hole type, saving the roll, and running stable and reliably;

Pipe Mill equipment

· Our company has been producing high-grade steel and Pipe Mill equipment for many years. We have designed the strength of the transmission box gears and calculated the life of the bearings of important parts such as flat rolls, vertical rolls, squeeze rolls and conductive boxes. Improve the reliability of the device.
· Efficient roll changing system, equipped with a second set of roller system, can achieve rapid roll change, improve the operating rate of the equipment and reduce downtime;
· Achieve a two-speed transmission system, according to the different wall thickness of the pipe diameter, different steel grades, better play the equipment operating efficiency.
Model FS140 FS219 FS273 FS325 FS377 FS426 FS508 FS630
Outside diameter range (mm) 76-165 89-219 114-273 140-325 219-377 219-426 273-508 273-630
Wall thickness range (mm) 2.0-6.0 3.0-8.0 3.0-10.0 4.0-12.7 4.0-14.0 6.0-16.0 6.0-20.0 6.0-22.0
Production speed (m/min) 15-60 15-50 15-35 12-35 10-30 8-25 8-25 6-20
The raw material is hot-rolled and cold-rolled strip longitudinal shears with a carbon content of less than 0.2%.
Steel grade: Q235A~Q345, B, X42~X80, J55, N80