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Spiral Welded Pipe Making Machine production process

1. Welded Pipe Making Machine After welding, online ultrasonic continuous automatic damage instrument inspection coverage non-destructive testing 100% spiral weld. If defects are automatically alarmed and sprayed to the production staff and the process parameters are adjusted, the defects are eliminated at any time and in time.

2. The air plasma cutting machine cuts the tube into a single root.

3. After cutting into a single steel pipe, the first three of each batch of steel pipes are strictly the first inspection system to check the mechanical properties of the chemical composition of the fusion state of the spiral welded steel pipe surface quality and the inspection guarantee process of the spiral steel pipe qualified, officially put into operation .

Welded Pipe Making Machine

4. After the weld seam and the continuous ultrasonic flaw detection mark website, the manual ultrasonic and X-ray examination defects are not confirmed after the non-destructive detection and the defects have been eliminated.

5. Strip butt welds, and intersecting D-type connectors with spiral welds in the pipeline all through X-ray television or film review.

6. Spiral welded steel pipe hydraulic test pressure tube radial seal. The test pressure and time are strictly controlled by the steel pipe pressure microcomputer testing equipment. Automatic print recording of test parameters.

7. The end face perpendicularity of the groove end angle and the blunt edge are precisely controlled by the pipe end processing.