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The difference between Pipe Mill common rack and universal rack

The difference between the Pipe Mill common frame and the universal frame is mainly due to the different adjustment structure of the roller shaft to achieve different control effects.

The horizontal frame of the ordinary gantry type high-frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment forming machine is composed of two arches with upper and lower forming roller shafts and bearing blocks. The transmission of high-frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment forming roller shaft is passed by the split gearbox. The universal drive shaft is driven. It can meet the forming methods such as edge bending forming, double radius forming and W reverse bending forming, and has the advantages of high frame strength, convenient adjustment and wide application. Suitable for high-frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment of various specifications.

Pipe Mill

The Pipe Mill four-roll universal frame consists of a fixed horizontal frame. The fixed horizontal frame is provided with two horizontal axis systems corresponding to the upper and lower distribution. The horizontal axis above is fixed up and down along the fixed horizontal frame, and the horizontal axis is installed in the middle. There are horizontal rollers, the horizontal rollers on the two horizontal shafts correspond to each other, and it also includes two side rollers correspondingly distributed on the left and right sides, the side rollers are placed vertically, and the two ends of the side rollers are respectively mounted on the upper and lower horizontal axes. The side roller is equipped with a side roller, the side roller slides along the axial direction of the side roller shaft, and the opposite sides of the side rollers on the left and right side roller shafts are sandwiched between the two horizontal rollers, and the left and right side rollers and The upper and lower horizontal rollers enclose a rolling hole-shaped space. Since the side rollers can slide up and down along the side roller shafts and are positioned by two horizontal rollers, the relative positions of the side rollers and the horizontal rollers are not particularly adjusted, the adjustment is convenient, and the product precision is increased.