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Tube mill line production line features

Tube mill line production line features
Tube mill line is mainly used in the building materials industry to grind various kinds of cement clinker and various raw materials for firing cement. It has the characteristics of high production capacity, strong adaptability to materials and large crushing ratio.

Tube mill line can be divided into double warehouse and three warehouse according to structure; according to unloading and transmission mode, it is divided into tail discharge type and middle discharge type, edge transmission and center transmission; according to grinding method, it is divided into dry grinding method and wet method. mill.

tube mill line

The tube mill line is the main traditional equipment produced by our company. It has been developed since the 1970s. It has been nearly 50 years old and has produced more than 100 sets. It has accumulated a lot of valuable design and manufacturing experience and the product structure is constantly Update the upgrade.

In order to meet the large-scale demand for cement production, our company independently developed and manufactured a large-scale tube mill line with various specifications. The products have the characteristics of standardization, generalization and serialization, meeting the needs of the 5000t/d cement production line.