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Welded Pipe Making Machine produces Petroleum steel pipe notes

Hebei Zhonghui Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welded pipe machines. It has been committed to the development and production of welded pipe machines for many years.

The use of Welded Pipe Making Machine in daily production is very common, and the use of Welded Pipe Making Machine to produce Petroleum steel pipe has also become a trend, which is mainly inseparable from the advantages of Welded Pipe Making Machine.
Welded Pipe Making Machine
In general, the production of Petroleum steel pipe can be carried out by means of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, or by Welded Pipe Making Machine welding, and the phenomenon of welding by Welded Pipe Making Machine in daily life is more common.
Because there is a weld seam in the steel pipe produced by welding, the problem that the base metal and the weld bead toughness match, weld gray spot, weld groove corrosion are necessary to be solved, and attention should be paid when welding the petroleum steel pipe. Avoid problems with the above points. So what should the Welded Pipe Making Machine pay attention to when producing Petroleum steel pipe?

Welded Pipe Making Machine should pay attention to the toughness when producing Petroleum steel pipe. Welded Pipe Making Machine can control the cooling after thermal tension reduction, which can greatly improve the weld problem of welded petroleum steel pipe and can also be enhanced. Its strength and toughness.
Petroleum steel pipe
The chemical composition, welding temperature and welding speed of the welding base metal are the main factors affecting the weld ash. To avoid the weld ash, it is necessary to pay attention to strictly control the quality of the steel edge and the welding process. Weld joint heat treatment and heat pipe reduction before full pipe heating to reduce and avoid the occurrence of weld gray spots.

The control of weld groove corrosion needs to be avoided by the method of thermal tension reduction.