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What is the impact of inclusions in the Welded Pipe Making Machine?

If such a defect occurs, it will have a great impact on the equipment. The metal oxide is melted in the V-shaped port. If the edge of the steel strip of the Welded Pipe Making Machine is found to be less than the melting speed, the melting speed is relatively fast. At the apex of the V-shaped opening, a narrow sector containing molten metal magazines is formed, which melts the gold.
Genus and metal oxides, which are not normally discharged after extrusion after normal use, form an inclusion band. Welded Pipe Making Machine welds crack after flattening if inclusions are found at the weld fracture location. The inclusions and the fibrous fractures of the weld are compared, and the fracture is very flat and has no metallic luster. Such defects may also give a chain of "oxides" and are not very defective.

 Welded Pipe Making Machine
Under normal circumstances, burrs or rust will fall to the bridge formed before the apex, which will cause a short circuit in the Welded Pipe Making Machine to cause the current to jump.