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What preparation does Pipe Mill have to do when entering the warehouse?

Pipe Mill must follow the instructions in the manual, repair and maintenance of the Pipe Mill group, clean up all the debris around the Coil Slitting Line, and all the moving parts and rotating parts of the Coil Slitting Line should be oiled. Coil Slitting Line runs out. After cleaning, put it in the warehouse and save it.

Coil Slitting Line

The protection of the Pipe Mill group in winter is very important. In order to not affect the performance of the Pipe Mill, we need to keep the Coil Slitting Line in good condition during the winter, and the winter weather is very cold. If the Coil Slitting Line is not protected according to the regulations, It is easy to cause the Coil Slitting Line to freeze, which will damage the Coil Slitting Line parts, which will make the Coil Slitting Line not easy to use in the coming year.