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features and arrangement of the tube mill

  there are many different types of tube mill, so long a brief introduction to the characteristics of the furnace tube mill and how it is arranged.
Arranged welded steel pipe workshop machinery and equipment is generally divided into two parts, namely heat plus part and cold plus part.

From the point of view of the plant area, if not calculated tube warehouse, finished products, and packaging units, then the hot plus part accounted for one-third, while the cold plus part accounted for two-thirds.

The heat adding part comprises a triangular cutting machine, a dye machine, a loading machine, a reversing device at the bottom of a heating furnace, a drawing machine, a No. 1 cooling table and the like. The cold plus part includes straightening machine, cutting machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic test bed, cutting machine

tube mill

The loading machine and the tube drawing machine are the main equipment in the tube mill machinery. Loading machine located at the inlet end of the welding furnace, and along the furnace track at a speed of 50 m / min back and forth, the tube rhythmically to the bottom of the heating.Before feeding the tube into the furnace shall be cut into trapezoidal end, in order to easily touch the bowl.Tube drawing machine is located at the outlet end of the furnace, the furnace can also be moved back and forth along the end of the track at a speed of 30 m / min, and the position of the loading machine suitable for symmetry.Loading machine and the drawing machine are designed with a console, back and forth movement by hand manipulation, from the control table can be clearly seen inside the furnace.Just after the tube drawing machine welded steel pipe, the temperature is still at about 1300 degrees Celsius, the 1st cooling station at a speed of 2-10 m / min to the 1st Kun road, Kun Road on the 1st and then meeting the speed of about 2 m / sec into the sizing machine, the temperature was cooled to between

Sizing mill separated by a distance less than the length of the steel pipe, and steel pipe by sizing mill time and compressed so that the length of the extension, and therefore two adjacent sizing mill rolling Kun line speed cannot be consistent, adapt to the size of each frame reduction percentage increase in turn. The operator must adjust the speed of each machine in the work. In order to achieve a smooth load of each machine.