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hydro testing machine for steel tubes pressure for sale

hydro testing machine for steel tubes pressure is used for kinds of steel pipe pressure-bearing and testing non-standard equipment. It adopts two lifted rollers to hold the tested steel pipe, using the thrust of master cylinder to press the pipe between the thrust plate and the pressure plate, so that the pipe two ends can be sealed(end face seal or radial seal). Based on high-volume low-pressure pump to complete the water injection, and then use high-pressure pump to complete high pressure test.
The machine is used for the determination of compressive time and instantaneous blasting pressure of various non-metallic tubes at constant temperature, and the host adopts microprocessor full closed-loop control system to realize the whole system closed-loop control. Widely used in factories, construction engineering quality testing stations, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research institutions and other types of pipe production inspection, development and research and other fields.