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tube mill common problems

tube mill common problems

tube mill's fault is relatively more, and the cause of the attack is more complex, often a result from a variety of reasons, perhaps a reason can constitute several results. Some problems are dealt with very hard. Let's cut the trouble first to do a brief narrative.
1 scratch

In the tube mill tube scratch presented primarily consists of two parts, one is the guide organization, the second is kneading welding organization.
1. 1-oriented organization of the scratch

Guide parts of the general attack of scratches on both sides of the tube, if equipped with a guide sleeve guide structure adjustment is unreasonable, the upper and lower tube appearance will show friction of the scratch, the scratch characteristics of the wound is relatively large, strong continuity.The first is because the height of the guide sleeve bearing is not correct, perhaps the upper and lower guide roller bearing damage, can not be a good control tube, so that the guide sleeve after the attack of friction Constitution .In addition, when the guide roller against the rolling centerline is too large, the guide sleeve and the guide roller axis relative difference is too large, it will also constitute a scratch on both sides of the tube.
1. 2 kneading welded tissue scratched
tube mill
Kneading roller composed of scratches, the first attack in the bottom of the tube, the reason is roughly the following:
(1) the pass does not meet the Weld kneading structure has two-roll, three-roll and four-roll, just a combination of pass does not meet, it is very simple to scratch the appearance of the tube, the two-roll structure is particularly outstanding.Factors constituting Pass does not meet and a lot to two-roll structure, for example, such as bearing damage; roller axial movement; hole size is not the same; the two rollers are not the same height position; axis winding and installation instability and so on.
(2) height matching kneading roller hole should be highly consistent with the lower occasion of the Rolling Line, and the height of the guide roller is determined by the thickness of the tube.If the height of the guide roller is reduced to a certain limit, the kneading roller hole marginal fillet will scratch the bottom of the tube configuration, especially in the kneading roller hole R rounded sharpening, scratches on more simple attack.
(3) tube mill kneading roller on the lack of kneading force especially two-roll structure of the kneading roller device, when the kneading force is lacking, in the tube under tension, the roller will be presented on the elevation, so that hole type marginal R fillet outstanding, which constitute the lower part of the tube scratch.When the kneading roller hole R rounded sharpened, it will exacerbate the occurrence of scratching.