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what are the maintenance guidelines for tube mill?

After you buy the tube mill group, in the course of use you have not maintained the tube mill group? Proper maintenance tube mill group can effectively improve its service life, below us tube mill Group manufacturers to tell you how to maintain the tube mill group.

  First of all you in the process of using the tube mill group, Our tube mill group equipment factory recommends that you regularly for the gear parts lubrication, the first gear transmission of its damage is relatively large, so the phenomenon of loosening is very high, so if these parts have noise, then you need to timely lubrication, and then according to the
tube mill
  Secondly, between the slider and the guide rail tube mill group also need to check, also need to check the joint lubrication and piping, etc., to ensure its good operation.

  Of course, in the process of using the tube mill group also need to balance the cylinder action condition and oil lubrication system oil, joints and other tests.