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How to make welded pipe roll used for a long time?

Aug. 21, 2020

Although there are more and more places to use welded pipe roller in our life, we should know how to maintain the product when using this product. Only in this way, there will be no problem when using it. In this way, consumers will not consider how to make welded pipe roll used for a long time and can be used safely.

1. No matter whether we use welded pipe equipment or not, we need to do a good job in its inspection work. Check whether each working pipeline is normal. And also record the inspection results in detail. If we find any hidden danger in the process of detection, we need to report it in time and do a good job in maintenance. Ensure the normal operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.

2. We need to add lubricating oil to the welded pipe equipment on schedule, which can effectively prevent the welded pipe from rusting and ensure the efficiency of the equipment. Xiaobian, as a senior welding pipe equipment expert, personally thinks that galvanizing is the best way to prolong the service life of welded pipe equipment. However, we need to pay attention to degreasing treatment before galvanizing the welded pipe equipment to remove the oil and dirt on the surface.

3. Some dirt can be removed by alkaline washing, but acid washing and alkaline washing have different effects on the removal of dir.

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