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  • Auto-packing Machine

  • Auto-packing Machine

Auto-packing Machine

Welded Pipe Making Machine Production Line includes: Uncoiler, Pinching & Leveling, Shear & Welder, Cutting Saw, Straightening Machine, End-Facing Machine, Hydro Testing Machine, Forming & Sizing Mill, Storing Accumulator, Auto-packing Machine and other equipment;  Introduced now:

The simple auto-stacking and packing machine can automatic stack the pipes into the bundles.

It includes the loading pipes device, delivering device, lifting and moving device, the stacking device, pipes moving out device, lifting chain stock device, strapping device, the hydraulic system and electrical system

Type available/ Alternative offers

Electromagnetic chuck style

Chain and gear rack style

Value Highlights

Reduce the numbers of discharging workers

Improve the discharging and packing speed

Good stability

More safety

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