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Cold Roll Forming Sectional Steel Producion Line

How does the cold roll forming machine work?

The cold roll forming machine can realize continuous production and improve the work efficiency. The cold roll forming includes the continuous forming of steel profiles. The cold roll forming machine first unfolds the width of the steel strip and joins it in a number of rolls called rolls continuously and smoothly. The shape and number of these rolls vary according to the complexity of the required steel profile. In the working process of the cold roll forming machine, stamping, stamping and other operations can be performed online. Then, cut the end of the wire to the required length. The forming operation is carried out cold because it is carried out at room temperature, so there is no need to heat or melt the metal to make the profile. The operation of the cold formed steel machine will not have any substantial influence on the thickness and mechanical properties of the flat products used. The cold formed steel machine is a part of the main metal processing industry between the steel industry and users in the cold forming industry.

There are many advantages of cold roll forming machine

• The development, diversity and complexity of forms that meet all the needs of users.
• The radius of curvature corresponds to the thickness of the metal strip.
• Reduce the weight of the structure through roll-formed steel with high elastic limit.
• Easy to implement in components with welding, riveting, bolting, and gluing.
• Various possible conveying lengths of steel profiles, up to 30 meters.
• Variety of surface conditions, such as hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling, pre-coating and galvanizing.

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