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Shear & Welder

Welded Pipe Making Machine Description

Welded Pipe Making Machine Production Line includes: Uncoiler, Pinching & Leveling, Shear & Welder, Cutting Saw, Straightening Machine, End-Facing Machine, Hydro Testing Machine, Forming & Sizing Mill, Storing Accumulator, Auto-packing Machine and other equipment;  Introduced now:

Shear& butt welder are here to ensure the continuous production by welding ends of steel strips after the irregular parts of which being cut.

Type available/ Alternative offers

CO2 gas protection welding;

Arc welding;

Hydraulic shearing;

Pneumatic shearing;

Hydraulic Aligning;

Value Highlights

Pneumatically / hydraulically driving

Simple operation

Highly automatic


Effectively welding

Less joint scars, less damage to forming and sizing mill

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