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Condenser Pipe Production Line

The condenser pipe production line is designed to produce the condenser pipe with aluminum layer in the size of 219×19×1.5mm.

This kind of pipe can mainly apply to the air-cooling technology in the field such as power station, steel plant, chemical industry and pharmacy. Our company has developed the direct molding technology and round molding technology successively according to the technology of thin-wall pipes manufacturing with large diameter which is used for many years and provided many production line equipments for famous enterprises including Guihang Automotive Components Co., Ltd., Beijing Shouhang Resources Saving Co., Ltd. and GEA of Germany, etc. with each technical standard fully meeting users’ requirements, so we have rich experience of technology, equipments manufacturing and on-site commissioning.

This pipe manufacturing technology has broken through the monopoly of developed countries such as Germany, U.S., etc. to this field and significance for solving water resource shortage and national policies on energy conservation and emission reduction.

Condenser Pipe Production Line Value highlights:

1、Advanced rolling technology with large diameter and thin wall as well as reasonable deformation extension design ensure the deformation stable and avoiding bumps, wrinkles caused by stress concentration of strip steel as well as overlap welding and solder skips.
2、Special speed ratio distribution and drive design avoid the scratches of aluminizing layer.
3、Advanced welding technology ensures the welding strength and meets all requirements of pressure test.
4、The automation degree of production line is high, operation is stable and yield rate is high.
5、With the application of high-precision milling technology, saw cutting causes no burr. Both pipe shape and precision meet international standards.

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Condenser Pipe Production Line Condenser Pipe Production Line
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